Fulton County Water Authority

Fulton County Water Authority, Inc. formed in 1991 with the principle office being located in Glencoe, AR. Construction of the first lines serving areas east of Glencoe and north and south on Hwy 289 were completed and became operational soon thereafter. In 1995, FCWA entered into a management contract with North Arkansas Electric Cooperative and moved its operations to Salem.

Phase II was completed and became operational in 2001, extending lines from Glencoe to Salem and included a pumping station. Phase III was completed in 2008, serving Highway 9 South, Union and Bexar Roads and back north on Highway 223 to the City of Viola. A fourth phase is currently in process and will serve areas from Salem west to Viola along with some extensions going both north and south of Highway 62/412, Sturkie and Old Ridge Road and back south toward Salem on Highway 395.

For more information regarding FCWA, please contact North Arkansas Electric Cooperative at 870.895.3221.