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An Energy Audit Can Help You Save Money

Free home energy audits are available to all North Arkansas Electric members. A home energy audit will help you evaluate the energy efficiency of your home and the ways you use energy. It's designed to highlight some important areas where energy conservation and management measures can be implemented.

Energy usage in a typical home depends on its condition, the size of your family and your lifestyle. But energy is lost in two main ways: by conduction and infiltration. Conduction is heat lost by transmission directly through the outside surfaces (walls, windows, ceiling, floors and roofs). Infiltration is heat lost by cold air coming in and warm air going out. This occurs through leaks around windows, cracks in the wall or up the fireplace chimney, to name a few. Click the image below for tips on how to save energy in your home or contact energy adviser Tyler Ochoa at 870-508-5834.

Download our Energy-Saving Checklist.

The checklist is in PDF format. If you do not have a PDF viewer installed on your computer, click the link below for a free download.

Link to Adobe Reader