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Outage restoration work is expected to continue through the weekend for some areas. See news section below for latest updates.

The cooperative's Load Management Program consists of installing switches, controlled by radio signals sent by the cooperative, on central air conditioners and electric water heaters. During those few times of the year when the demand for electricity is in danger of reaching a new high, or peak, these switches are activated to shut off the air conditioner or water heater for a short period of time until the danger of reaching a new peak has passed.

The amount the cooperative pays for wholesale power is based on the number of kWh our members use as well as the peak demand, or the most demanded at any one given time. If we can hold down the peak with these control switches, it can save thousands of dollars which will not have to be included in possible future rate increases.

Members who have switches installed will be given credit on their electric bills to reflect the savings to the cooperative.

If you're interested in volunteering, contact your local cooperative office.