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NAEC can brighten those dark drive ways and front yards by providing members with high-efficiency security lights, which can illuminate areas around your home or business to help keep your family and property safe and secure.  

We can install a light on an existing pole for only $9.78 per month and a small one-time service charge.  Plus, we’ll take care of any repairs and maintenance.  These lights come in various sizes and rates to meet your specific needs.  If you are interested in this service or any of our other services, please call any one of our three local offices for more information. 

Contract Period
Not less than one year for permanently classified service or five years for all other classifications as required in accordance with the provisions set out in the agreement for all night outdoor lighting service.

Adjustments to rate security lights shall be made based on the following kilowatt hours per month:

That is:

Lamp Size kWh per Month
175W 70
250W 100
400W 160
1000W 400
1500W 600