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NAEC lobbies are closed until further notice to help limit the spread of COVID-19. Members may conduct business with NAEC at 870-895-3221, the Member Account Portal, drive-throughs and drop-boxes. Learn more here.

Phone icon November 30th, 2020

Scammers targeting NAEC members

A phone scam again is targeting NAEC members. A business owner reported that a man identified himself as an NAEC technician and threatened to disconnect the business’s electricity if the outstanding balance was not paid right then. The member informed the caller he did not have an outstanding balance. Then, the caller stated NAEC needed to change a faulty meter, and the member would have to call an 888 number and pay $900. The scammers told him that NAEC’s offices were closed, and all business had to be conducted by phone. The call appeared on the member’s caller ID as if it was from NAEC’s Mountain Home office.
Please know that NAEC will not threaten our members in this manner, and any communication regarding an outstanding balance first is communicated by letter. If you receive a suspicious-sounding call regarding your account, hang up immediately. You always may call NAEC at 870-895-3221 with any questions. Although our lobbies are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, our Salem and Mountain Home drive-throughs are open, and member service representatives are available from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays.

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