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Dishes in dishwasher Jul. 15, 2022

Help 'beat the peak'

Members can help keep NAEC’s wholesale power costs in check by reducing electricity usage during peak demand times in the summer months. Everyone using less on-peak power means lower wholesale power costs for the co-op, which ultimately benefits all members. 

NAEC uses advertising on local radio stations to request members’ help to “beat the peak.” Members can do this by delaying any unnecessary use of electricity during the afternoon and early evening hours on the hottest days of each summer month. A day with a heat index forecast of more than 100 can be a peak alert day.  

Here are several easy ways residential members can help reduce the co-op’s peak:

  • Turn up the thermostat a degree or two. 
  • Run the dishwasher at night and only when it is full. 
  • Use the washer and dryer during the early morning hours or at night and only when there is a full load. 
  • Cook lunch and dinner with appliances that use less electricity, such as the microwave, slow cooker or toaster oven, rather than larger appliances, such as the oven or range. 
  • Turn off lighting and electronics, such as computers or televisions, not being used. 
  • Use automatic timers to run hot tubs and pool pumps during off-peak hours. 

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